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Average Man [31 Oct 2005|12:32am]
[ mood | amused ]

I just became a member of a club known as the bumbling fools
Botching the game and the best things in life is the motto and
the rule
So if you can open up your heart and hear me out just for
Baby I got something to prove to you
I've gotta show you I can do it right

Get out
Don't want to see you again
Maybe we can still be friends
I know that I'm gonna go and screw it up in the end
But that's okay cause I'm your average man

So I turned tail and ran
And I know you're not my biggest fan
But whatever you want me to
You know that I'm gonna do it now or do the best that I can
So if you can open up your heart and hear me out just one more
Baby I've got something to say to you
I was wrong and the fault is mine


Baby you could do a whole lot better
But you could definitely do a whole lot worse
How can I even try to do better
If you won't give me a chance to be better first


Mario sings!

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Sigh [01 Oct 2005|01:01pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

I don't know what I'm doing anymore...I feel like i should back off of everyone till i get my head straight.. but that never works.

No matter what i do im screwed. It's days like this i hate being me -.-

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And if you ever say you miss me, then dont say you never lied. [10 Sep 2005|02:50pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Since everyone knows shit before me. I figured i would leave you all a present and say something ahead of time.

Me: i believe u trust me bout as much as i believe we should be in this war
Robyn: thats your opinion josh.
Me: and mine is the only one that matters
Robyn: obviously
robyn: i gotta go i cant do this right now
robyn: and my dad wants on
me: not carols
me: not moms
robyn: ima go shower or somethin
me: not ashlees or kaylas or denices or jjs
robyn: you'll never full get me josh
robyn: bc you dont understand
me: or even urs
robyn: you'll never get how much i love you or any of that
robyn: ever.
me: because at the end of the day im the one that needs to feel u trust me
me: no one else

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The message of the day... [10 Sep 2005|01:20am]
Lj is full of jealous stalkers.

That is all.
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DOUBLE U TEA EFF [12 Jul 2005|01:58pm]
OK i'm sure at one time or another we've all run into those crazy people on the street. You know the people on boxes preaching the word or those idiots who scream the end is coming. Well i'm walking around on my lunch break just to get some fresh air and i stop at this little shop to read this sign that caught my attention. Then some woman inside tells me to come in so I do just to see what shes trying to sell. Outta no where she calls me by my last name. So i'm like am i still wearing my name tag or something...nope nothing there. So now this lady has me officially freaked out and then i thought about it logically someone put her up to this! It was probably jen shes full of jokes lately I mean they all know i pass through here to pick up lunch I was set up!. So i play along to see what they have instore for me. She starts going on about my ancestry about how she can still see the battle in my eyes. I'm like wtf are you talking about woman. Something about the heart of a lion and how i'm meant for greater things. So i finally said my complaint outloud "lady wth are you talking about?!" so she gets all mystic on me "your past do you not believe in the afterlife?" great another woman to lecture me about religion. I start to leave n shrug her off and then she mentions my father. Like whoa this joke has gone too far she busts out his full name and everything like who the hell are you and how do you know him or me? I don't even look like him for you to make any association. So by this time ive already stopped in my tracks and she knows im entrigued now. She goes one about how the alcohol made him act out of character (well no fucking shit). So she goes on about our acestral line and how its my turn to rise again...Rise again? when did i rise before? it's in my blood she said... fucking weirdo i tell you too many drugs! The place smelled a bit like weed. So im like look lady i have to go ive got shit to do she gives me this medallion thing saying it used to be mine no idea but w/e i dont turn down free shit and she gives me her card. Ah yes theres the gimic im supposted to be enchanted by her whole story and call her back to be a paying customer! I leave a bit freaked out go back to work but i cant shake this feeling like that chill up my spine. Really weird...and whats weirder is that medal thing she gave me its like bronzish with some crest carved into it. From now on im taking lunch to work ..
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